November 16, 2017

IT Press Tour #25 in California with a huge program

The IT Press Tour (, the leading press event for IT press, just announced an amazing list of participating companies for the 25th edition early December in California.

A few surprises as well during this edition but I can't reveal any of these.

Topics will be around Software-Defined Infrastructure with of course Big Data, Storage, Networking, Data Management and Containers with a flavor of open source and edge computing.

Here is the list:
  1. AetherWorks, inventor of AetherStore and more recently FogCoin and ActiveAether,
  2. Datos IO, new comer in data protection for distributed data,
  3. DriveScale, pioneer in composable infrastructure for demanding applications,
  4. Hedvig, leader in multi-protocol SDS,
  5. Igneous, recent player in secondary storage,
  6. iXsystems, reference in open source storage,
  7. Minio, the promising fast growing object storage platform,
  8. Panasas, leader in high performance file system,
  9. Qumulo, key actor in new scale-out NAS generation,
  10. Rubrik, the fast growing data protection platform,
  11. Spanning, major player in Cloud-to-Cloud and SaaS data protection,
  12. Sysdig, a model for others in Container monitoring,
  13. and Vexata, young flash storage vendor dedicated to speed.
This edition will be again huge with a dense program and top innovators. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.


October 26, 2017

24th IT Press Tour edition with a second visit in Israel

For the second time, The IT Press Tour travelled to Israel for a unique tour. This 24th edition gave us the opportunity to meet and visit 9 innovative companies in Security, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and Storage.

Here is a short summary:
  1. Axonius is a very young company targeting IoT infrastructure management at scale.
  2. Aqua Security leads the pack in security for Containers with an interesting comprehensive approach.
  3. CloudEndure delivers a multi | cross- cloud migration solution to provide easy and cost effective DR and workload migration.
  4. Coralogix, also a young company, develops a SaaS-based powerful log analytics platform delivering easy integration and high flexibility.
  5. Elastifile, leader in the new file storage segment, continues to innovate with a Flash-native Cross-Cloud Data Fabric with impressive performance results.
  6. Illusive Networks, recent actor in new security axis, enhances protection by saturating the environment with deceptive information, creating a distorted reality that the attacker cannot confidently navigate.
  7. Reduxio Systems has accelerated since last year meeting in Israel with good market adoption and innovative features around data mobility with NoMigrate and NoRestore capabilities.
  8. StorONE, new Software-Defined Storage player, unveiled the company and the product for the very first time. No real article exists since a blog post I wrote In August 2016 when the company has participated to VMworld US 2016.
  9. and Webhose.IO, a big data player, swallowing web data to offer easy data extraction and consumption at scale.
Press coverage has started, I invite you to read various articles on visited companies, to follow the group on Twitter with #ITPT, @ITPressTour and respective Twitter handle of each journalist. It was gain a fantastic edition. -- The IT Press Tour team

October 25, 2017

CTera Networks shakes its marketing

We’re in Tel-Aviv and we learn from the land that CTera Networks doesn't have any longer a head of Marketing. His last marketing executive – Tom Grave - left recently, he has spent only 10 months as he started last year when The IT Press Tour visited CTera in Petach Tikvah.

Tom Grave was more recently VP Marketing at Catalogic Software for almost 2 years and before VP Marketing at SimpliVity for 3 years. Previously he spent some time at IBM and Diligent Technologies.

October 20, 2017

IT Press Tour #24 back to Israel for the second time

The IT Press Tour (, the leading press event for EMEA press, confirmed again participating companies for the edition scheduled next week in Israel.

Top European journalists will have the opportunity to meet and visit leaders and innovators:
  • Aqua Security, leader in security for container infrastructure,
  • Axonius, new player in IoT and mobile infrastructure management,
  • CloudEndure, reference in Cloud DR and migration,
  • Coralogix, young developer of SaaS-based log analytics,
  • Elastifile, pioneer of new cloud-native file storage,
  • Illusive Networks, key player in deception security approach,
  • Reduxio Systems, leader of an alternative hybrid storage model,
  • StorONE, storage disrupter on multi-protocol SDS segment,
  • Webhose.IO, provider of a new web data crawling service,
This edition should be again very interesting by the variety of players, the destination and globally the program. Follow us with @ITPressTour and #ITPT on Twitter and various top European IT publications via their respective Twitter handle.

September 28, 2017

Rubrik adds serious Azure support

Rubrik (, leader of the new data protection generation, recently announced Alta 4.1, just 3 months after the major 4.0 release.

The major announcement is the extension with the support for Microsoft applications and Azure Stack with CloudOn for Azure. It also adds Google Cloud Platform with various cloud storage flavor (Nearline, Coldline, Multi-Regional and Regional) and the Commercial Cloud Services from AWS such the Glacier Vault Lock, the WORM capability from AWS.

Really interesting that many vendors adds Azure in their multi-cloud strategy, 2017 will be for sure the Azure year.

And a final gift when Kevin Durant signed my kid's jersey during VMworld US, thank you John, huge souvenir.


September 21, 2017

ProphetStor finally recruits its last European VP

ProphetStor Data Services (, an emerging player in Software-Defined Storage, is now operating in EMEA with a strong team.

I announced here before the summer its new EMEA operations structure led by Guillaume Imberti as the new VP/GM for the European region. At that time, we noticed that the team was almost complete with Guy Berlo, VP sales central EMEA, Thomas Barrett, VP sales north EMEA but clearly the seat was empty for south Europe. It’s filled now with the addition of Anne-Marie Renaudie who will be the VP sales south EMEA, coming from HPE as EMEA BURA Pursuit team, before at FalconStor leading the French business and previously at Veritas.

I also revealed in July that the EMEA finance director is Franck Tubiana. An other indicator that the dream team that exceled at FalconStor is back on business as a team.

September 20, 2017

Infinidat gave us more details on Cloud offering

Infinidat (, leader in hybrid storage, has made last week a new iteration revealing to the world their next development around cloud.

Following recent VMworld US conference, I wrote a post indicating that Infinidat is preparing something around cloud storage offerings. Gregory Touretsky, Senior Director, Product Management at Infinidat, wrote a company blogpost last April about what Infinidat called Cloud-Adjacent Storage. It gave some interesting potential directions with an Infinidat system deployed at a colo facility and connected to Microsoft Azure and AWS respectively with Direct Connect and ExpressRoute. The Infinidat systems was configured with 2 protocols: iSCSI and NFS accessible from Azure and AWS. There is also a YouTube demo about Multi-Cloud Storage for MySQL connected to AWS and Azure. The recent SNIA Storage Developer Conference, last week in Santa Clara, was an opportunity to understand more details as G. Touretsky gave a presentation titled "Breaking the Cloud Storage Chains".

We notice more services – shared file system, cross-cloud DB and snapshots – around Infinidat’s cloud approach and the presence of Google Cloud in addition of AWS and Azure. The slides show that the company is able to support single region/multiple availability zones, multiple regions and of course multiple clouds. We expect to receive more info soon as the Infinidat announcement should occur in Q1 2018.

September 18, 2017

SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2017 Recap

The SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2017 (SDC), an annual rendez-vous, was as usual a gold mine for new storage technical state of the art and R&D directions.

The SDC offers a pretty unique rich format: technical sessions, plugfests, birds of feather, informal talks during lunch, exchange with exhibitors, keynote… Last week took place in Santa Clara the 18th edition grouping together about four hundreds people coming from various horizons on the planet.

The SDC is not a commercial event so the number of exhibitors is not significant but is part of the business model to help the event exists. Globally the program shows more than 100 sessions with approx. 95 vendors sessions, 5 tutorials and 3 end-users presentations.

It was also the 20th anniversary of the SNIA as the original plan started in 1997 in Colorado, I hope some industry folks remember the genesis of the independent industry effort promoted and pushed by a few companies.

Among the various topics covered, real hot ones were NVMe and related NVMe over Fabrics, Persistent Memory, Cloud and Software-Defined Storage, finally pretty consistent with the market hopefully. But we also notice in the agenda some famous absences like object storage or NFS, I remember that several years in a row Cleversafe was really present with talks.

In parallel, three plugfests took places – SMB3, Cloud Interoperability and SMI-Lab – and for several years SMB3 was a great success. Swordfish, the scalable storage management framework promoted by SNIA, was pretty well covered with at least 7 dedicated sessions.

Some companies have made great push during the conference, Intel, the only platinum sponsor, has 15 sessions, Microsoft 9 and Dell EMC 7 to list the top 3. But at the same time some absences: Seagate didn't present any talk at all.

The SDC is also the place where you can meet and discuss with some visible influencers and this year Sage Weil, father of Ceph and now principal architect for Ceph at Red Hat, gave a keynote about XFS replacement by BlueStore in Ceph, we also talked with Liran Zvibel, Co-Founder and CTO at WekaIO, here for the SMB plugfest, Umesh Maheshwari, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at former Nimble Storage now Fellow at HPE, Tom Lyon, Founder and Chief Scientist at DriveScale, Chris Farey, CTO StorMagic, Phil White CTO ScaleComputing or Evan Powell who now leads CloudByte/OpenEBS.

Finally, if you wish to access the content, we invite you to check the presentations now available online.

September 15, 2017

MemoScale got venture funding

MemoScale (, the Norwegian software company that develops and promotes commercial erasure coding, has raised an undisclosed amount of money a few months ago from Alliance Ventures.

The company develops a pretty efficient erasure coding library that complements open source solutions such OpenStack Swift, Ceph or Hadoop.

And this is a paradox as the firm sells a commercial software that appears as a feature for products that are open source, pretty tough mission to persuade users to acquire such data protection layer that appears as a nice to have. This is a recurrent debate when you develop such data services that are finally a feature and not a product. Per haps a good idea would be to reformat the product and deliver a Community Edition, free of charge, limited but aligned with open source product they target, and an Enterprise Edition with the full features list. The other go to market strategy could be the oem path with several good potential partners on the planet having clear lack in that domain.

We understand that MemoScale has some oem agreements pending.

September 11, 2017

Infinidat prepares a new release

Infinidat (, leader in hybrid storage, prepares to make its seasonal announcement with 4.0 its next major release.

Expecting for a few quarters now, the company will deliver a synchronous replication mode to support very demanding environments that don't tolerate any data loss. This capability is critical for some vertical use cases such financial services, telecommunications or healthcare, three segments addressed by Infinidat with many successes.

There will be also some new flavors of iSCSI, NFS and QoS. And Infinidat prepares a Cloud offering to be launched in Q1 2018 and we’ll get more details in the next few weeks.

With Nimble Storage acquired by HPE last April and recent announcement about Tegile being acquired by Western Digital, Infinidat is the last significant hybrid storage array vendors still independent even if the two others have made some interesting all-flash additions.