April 3, 2018

Comtrade Software morphs into HYCU

HYCU Software is the new name of Comtrade Software, well know in the data protection landscape for its solutions for Nutanix and monitoring solutions for Citrix, F5 Networks and again Nutanix environments.

The company is led by Simon Taylor as CEO based in the HQ in Boston, he was CEO of the previous entity Comtrade Software and drove the growth of the company towards this change.

March 29, 2018

Infinidat continues its expansion at a rapid pace

Infinidat, the alternative datacenter storage vendor, made a blast with the announcement of 4 new products:
  • InfiniSync provides a Zero RPO approach what we can name a true Continuous Data Protection mode. This is a new product coming from Axxana already covered multiple times (Jan. 2018 and French posts: Sept. 2008 before it officially launched, May 2009, Nov. 2009, July 2010 and Oct. 2011). It's a physical device with up to 36 hours battery life and various connectivity: ethernet, fibre channel and infiniband but also for degraded situation wifi and 4G LTE. It will be launched April 2nd.
  • InfiniGuard is also a data protection appliance but defined for a different usage. It's designed to boost restore and work with backup software and currently is certified with CommVault Simpana & HyperScale, Veritas NetBackup, Veeam Backup, IBM Spectrum Protect... The capacity starts at 500TB and can scale up to 20PB for 42U.
  • Neutrix Cloud is the cloud offering to expose file and block for applications running on GCP, Azure and AWS. The RPO is 4 seconds. it can also in standalone mode with on-premises InfiniBox. It will be also available on April 2nd.
  • InfiniBox F6212, classic offering from the company, but with a 8.3PB of capacity. Same availability in April.
The company is doing extremely well with 18th consecutive quarter of revenue growth and more than 3 EB deployed. They also belongs for the second time in the Storage Unicorn report having raised for $325M for a $1.6B valuation. Market facts confirm choices and strategy made by Infinidat leaders.

March 19, 2018

March 15, 2018

March 13, 2018

Insight Venture Partners creates value within its portfolio

We already mentioned Insight Venture Partners recently, especially in this article, and it seems that VC partners really wish to increase portfolio value and synergy. The last few facts illustrates that perfectly with Unitrends, Spanning, Kaseya, Veeam and N2WS:
  • January 16, Veeam confirmed the acquisition of N2WS for $42.5M in cash to enhance AWS solution. N2WS will continue to operate as an independent company. Veeam and N2WS were already partner illustrated by the partnership announced in May 2017 around Veeam Availability Suite for AWS powered by N2WS' Cloud Protection Manager.
  • March 1st, Unitrends and Spanning announced a partnership meaning that Unitrends will b able to offer a solution to protect Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and Salesforce based on Spanning technologies. The solution for Office 365 is already available and the 2 others will be later in 2018.
  • March 6th, Kaseya unveiled Kaseya Unified Backup based on Unitrends MSP (not found on Unitrends web site, bizarre) and even go further with Kaseya Cloud Backup.
  • So we need now a deal between Kaseya and Spanning, let's see if it will happen...
We anticipate even more consolidation and technology collaboration within their portfolio comapnies and why not a new data protection leader, we'll see...

February 13, 2018

Fantastic program for the IT Press Tour #26

The IT Press Tour, the leading press event for IT press, just unveiled the list of participating companies for the 26th tour scheduled the week of 26th of February.

We recognize a few companies we already met in the past but also several new ones who drive some new IT segments.

Topics will be around big data, analytics, databases, data preparation, cataloging and insights, applications monitoring and performance management, in-memory computing, continuous development and GDPR soon in place in Europe.

Here is the list:
  1. Aerospike, leader in high performance NoSQL database,
  2. Alation, reference in data driven analytics for enterprises,
  3. Anaplan, pioneer in corporate planning management,
  4. Datadog, key player in modern applications monitoring and performance management,
  5. Frame, a leading secure cloud workspace platform,
  6. GridGain Systems, In-memory computing platform leader built on Apache® Ignite™,
  7. Harness.io, new player in Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service,
  8. MapD Technologies, top vendor in GPU-based database,
  9. and Waterline Data, fast growing actor in data discovering and cataloging.
This edition will be again huge with a dense program and top innovators. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.


January 30, 2018

New round for Igneous

Object storage is hot, I should say S3 storage and Igneous Systems, one of the recent player, just raised a B round with $15 million of fresh money from existing investors associated with Vulcan Capital and Orca Bay Capital. The total - Seed + A +B rounds - reaches now $41.6 million.

The company promotes now a hybrid cloud storage model with backup and archiving use cases for unstructured data. It's a real change from last year story as the unique characteristics are no longer mentioned. Now the story is about on-prem secondary storage with second data copy on top 3 cloud service providers AWS, GCP or Azure. Perfectly against other players or even new data protection guys like Cohesity or Rubrik. What is true is the size of the opportunity.

With this round Stephen Mullaney, past CEO of Nicira at the time the IT Press Tour met the team in March 2012 before the VMware acquisition, joins the board of directors.

We expect Igneous to continue innovate and play a different game as the company confirmed its move to the pack with dozens of others. Again 2018 will be interesting.

January 25, 2018

Quantum has a new CEO

Quantum (NYSE:QTM) has announced recently the arrival of a new President and CEO, Patrick Dennis, coming from Guidance Software.

He was President, CEO and director at Guidance since 2015 where he concluded the acquisition by OpenText in September 2017 for a price around $222 million according to the acquirer. Before he was SVP and COO of EMC Cloud Management Division for 2 years, 1 year at Oracle as Group VP for North American Storage Sales and previously at EMC again and Eastman Kodak.

How this sign could be interpreted as Patrick Dennis has worked in M&A and most recently finalized an exit. Is it the future of Quantum or a revival of the company as a string leader of secondary storage with so many interesting products. At least we can expect some internal changes to shake the palm and give clear positive indicators to the market and industry.

January 16, 2018

Axxana now owned by Infinidat

When two good friends make a deal: Alex Winokur, CTO and co-founder of Axxana and Moshe Yanai, CEO and co-founder of Infinidat. Moshe is also an investor in Axxana, the champion of Zero RPO, for at least 2 rounds I think and probably used his special rights here.

Nothing is written anywhere on that deal and we estimate that merge is a very good end for Axxana and very good technology addition for Infinidat that should announce soon new product extensions and options.

For some readers who wish to understand what is Axxana and how it works, I refer you to several past posts I wrote, sorry in French: Sept. 2008 (before it officially launched), May 2009, Nov. 2009, July 2010 and Oct. 2011.

January 8, 2018

Igneous targets data protection use cases

Second meeting with Igneous Systems at NEA in Menlo Park during the last IT Press Tour in December, Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO and founder, gave us an interesting company and product update.

We learnt last year in 2016 the nature of the solution with the nano server approach, finally a hard drive associated with a Marvell-based cpu board. It was pretty new surfing on similar ideas like the Kinetic drives initiated by Seagate. The positioning introduced at that time was to deploy on-premise cloud storage – built by an object storage philosophy – available potentially for multiple usages.

The last meeting was a bit a surprise as all the press group realized that the company has made some changes in the messaging. We didn't hear anything about the object storage design i.e nano server, Ethernet drives… or even the chassis design and architecture. I invite the reader to check 3 previous posts I wrote in January 2017, October and April 2016 that give more details on the product. Kiran even shared with us the information that Igneous has licensed the technology to a French open source object storage. Wow I’m surprised again as there is no such serious initiative in France in that category, just a local toy.

The use cases chosen were super limited, we had the feeling that the company has reduced the scope of the solution to finally land on a small field but much more precise. Clearly the firm chose the secondary storage positioning, dedicated to data protection with backup, archiving or even DR for file storage. Igneous recently announced an integration with Datos IO, the market leader in NoSQL data protection.

The solution targets clearly usual suspects in file storage such NetApp, Isilon considered as clear leaders in term deployment numbers but also for Pure Storage FlashBlade. Igneous presents such mode as-a-service with some interesting features and properties: auto-discovery, search and easy restore across tiers, analytics, replication between boxes, versioning, WORM capabilities, multi-threaded processes to boost transfer and reduce latency with dynamic throttling. Some test made demonstrate 300 threads for 20ms latency for NetApp and 200 threads for 40ms latency for Isilon. We regret to not see yet an integration for tiering with fpolicy for instance on NetApp.

Kiran insisted a bit on the cloud native architecture and the container-based microservices philosophy of the solution. He also mentioned DEEPR, Igneous’ erasure coding with prioritized repair.

Once again, object storage ambition is reduced, I should say it realizes its own limitations and the market pressure. At the end, it plays in its corner, in the comfort zone where it excels, secondary storage for capacity and long-term preservation play. Some other vendors have made the experience of bad positioning with over promising features that they finally highly paid with uninstalls and replacements, it's clear in 2017 and players who stayed in that zone are the winners.

The session was pretty good even if we were surprised by the angle chosen. We’ll follow closely Igneous in 2018 to see how the solution will resonate on the market.